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Libmixradio Crew.....In the span of less than 2 years,  has become one of the on-line dance music's major stations.  Libmixradio has grown to become a multi-award winnings,  it's easy to see why. In addition to this,Libmixradio DJ sets play in NY,NJ,DC,NC,and ATL  have fast become both iconic playing at some of the Tri- state hottest club's and unparalleled, providing an explosive to take on the current state of dance music across the Tri-State.

J MO give you tips, advice and knowledge I've learned over my many years of experience. For weddings and other formal events, I coordinate with the photographer, caterer and all other vendors involved. I'll make sure the photographer and us are on the same schedule.


Best on line radio station and DJ service.

If Your corporate event presents an opportunity to impress your colleagues and clients. Chesco collaborates with you to plan and execute a flawless event that makes you shine.


The screen is also an option for P H D  clients while I'm DJING to showcase the video of the songs I'm playing and other cool graphics for your guests to enjoy.

BARY B  plan a bar event that is memorable for your family and friends, making sure everyone happily shares in all the fun! Our party band and DJ combination is a hit with both kids and adults.

When Pito speak on the microphone, I'll be speaking not as a host, but as someone who is somewhat familiar the people at your event. I will help you in achieving the type of atmosphere and vibe you envision for your special day.

 I'm part of a new breed.AL Malik  I'm you're Master of Ceremonies, coordinator, and new friend. I prefer to meet you one on one to discover your likes and dislikes & the type of music you want played. I'll want to know the special songs that are relevant to you, your family and your friends.

LADY T is devoted to helping you create the wedding of your dreams. Choose from our wedding planning services or focus on our exciting wedding bands, party DJs, ensembles, lighting and more.


capturing Your ON=LINE MUSIC.

 One of the Best on line radio station and DJ service in the Tri -state area, From humble DJ beginnings in his native country of Liberia (west Africia) he has grown to become a multi-award winning DJ Mello Mel in 1994, after a brief stint at New York super clubs, Mello landed a Saturday night residency at New Jersey club la line, a position that upped his profile but didn’t satisfy his expanding artistry as a DJ and producer. While New York swooned for big-room diva anthems, Mello was turning his ear toward on line radio, tech-y grooves  This period produced solid music on line  but by the time he moved to Tunnel ,Mello had already created “Elements,” for on line broadcasting instant classic that caused the dance scene’s collective jaw to drop. With his own warped mix. today DJ Mello Mel had one of the most hottest on line show on the net opening his own on line site


He takes pride in calling himself an entertainer at every sweet 16 event booked. “Anyone can be a DJ,” he says, “but it takes something special to be an entertainer.



my experience



DJ I Q a mix master and an expert at beat matching every song and transition them seamlessly together so that there's never a break in music when people are dancing. I have a wide variety of music and will go over special songs that you want played and don't want played.

My  knowledge of all forms of music, and prides himself on the art of motivating a crowd with enthusiasm, detail, and character.